60 Days In

AO: Rubicon

When: 03/01/2018


PAX (): HaHa, Nacho, Zima, Devito, Special K, Spandex, Mayhem, Foghorn, M.T.,

Or maybe the title should read “When Call Out’s Don’t Work”
YHC got cocky a while back about tweeter call out’s being effective in bringing the Kotters back.  Well, the call out yesterday went deep including the assist by HaHa for anyone not mentioned.  Couldn’t wait to roll in and see all those cars this morning!  But there were only a few familiar cars.  Did we get here early?  No, that’s not it.  Wait, Was it cold this morning?  Nope, perfect temp.  Was it raining?  Nope.  Windy?  Nope.  Big sports event last night?  Nope.  School Vacation?  Nope.  Damn, I got no more excuses for these men!
So yeah, Foghorn was the only one to show up only because he thought YHC was bringing beer (I owe him one at next 2nd F) and he isn’t even close to being a Kotter.  But we did have a committed 9 and off we went to the Community track.  Warm Ups!!!  YES, we still love em’!  On to business, No real significance to March 1 other than 60th day of the year.  60 is a challenging number so that became our theme.  Couldn’t do 60 laps however so we did 6 followed by squats x10, mercans x 10, buzzsaw x 10 after each lap.
Next was a lap with 60 left karaoke, 60 right karaoke, 60 backwards running steps and back to the start.  Final lap was 60 long jumps, 60 lunges.  On to the planters where we did 60 dips and 60 Burpees (last 20 with hands clapping for better form).
Back to the flag where we completed a 60 count of flutters and a 30 count of LBC’s before it was time.
  • Prayers for Spandex getting the Listing today!
  • Discussion about continued need for recruiting!
  • Nacho and Devito fast on the track with Nacho on a mission for first.
  • Mayhem doesn’t post all the time but he stays fast and strong
  • Zima going to fashion a new muzzle for Devito to keep him from poking the bear!
  • The one benefit of a smaller pax count is the group does tend to stay together on pace and today was no exception
  • Anyone know Saban’s Twitter handle?  He owes Burpee Demerits for no Tuesday BB

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