Cherokee pre-blast for the week of 5/7

AO: Cherokee County

When: 05/07/2018

QIC: Babyface

Big week coming for Cherokee county, and with it will bring big changes in the future.

Run down of the Beatdowns:

  • Monday: 5:30 am (probably be an invite from Lawdog for some foreplay, be on the lookout)
    • The Kodiak → Q: Floppy
    • The Hurt Locker → Q: Babyface
  • Tuesday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon → Q: Garfield
  • Wednesday: 5:30 am
    • The Kodiak → Q: Harp
    • The Playground → Q: do-si-do
  • Thursday: 5:30 am
    • The Paragon → Q: Spaceballs
    • Stoneclad → Q: Cricket
  • Friday: 5:30 am
    • The Playground → Q: Misty
    • 2nd F → Breakfast @ Chick-fil-A on ridgewalk parkway 6:00-6:45 → Q: Hooch
    • 2nd F → Lunch @ Chipotle @ Canton Marketplace (unless otherwise specified)
  • Saturday:
    • The Hurt Locker:
      • PreRuck/Run: 6:00 am
      • Beatdown: 7:00 am → Q: Bloodhound
  • Sunday: Mother’s Day → Do it right for your M &/or Mom or you will likely receive a beatdown

Other News and events:

  • Monday Night: Family fun fitness night at Macedonia Elementary school → 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  Wear your F3 Gear & come help us drag some more sad clowns out
  • F3/Fia/2.0 workout on June 2nd @ 7:30 am.  Bring your 2.0 &/or M to try out the fun.
  • Amicalola Falls Road trip beatdown scheduled for June 16th
  • Launching @ Holly Springs Elementary on Tuesday (one day a week) May 22nd → Site Q: Ricky Bobby
  • Downtown Woodstock Launch beginning of June, Manning is taking the reins.

Upcoming F3 Dads events:

  • F3 Dads convergence 2.0 beatdown with the whole alpha region in mid June (working on the when)
  • Looking for a summer service project (3rd F) for dads & 2.0s sometime during the summer.  If you have any thoughts or ideas let me know (
  • F3 Dads Spartan Race 10/27 at the horse park in Conyers.  Sign up soon for the best possible price. More info here:
  • We will look for a date for a 2.0 campout, so stay tuned for info

Final thoughts:

    As it is Mother’s day next Sunday, just a quick thought.  We have poured a lot of ourselves into F3. Many of us have Ms & 2.0s at home.  We do this to be better men for ourselves, for our communities, but I know most of all (at least for myself and many of you too), for our families. I charge all of us to remember that being a better man may mean missing out on the fun sometimes to be the helping hand at home, or giving your M a chance to better herself (not that I would EVER tell an M that they need to better themselves, DO NOT DO THAT!).  But do realize that they may want to have what we have in some fashion, whether through Fia, or running with some friends, or morning yoga class, or maybe instead they just want you around some mornings to help get the kids out the door.

    I’m not telling any of us to stop posting, but rather make sure you appreciate what you have been blessed with.  That is a long list of beatdowns at the top of this post that is only getting longer. If you are able to post during the week, especially during the school year, that means you have an M at home putting in a lot of work.  Make sure she knows how appreciative you are of this not just this Sunday, but everyday, because again we are all blessed.

You got questions, I’ll get answers.  Send them here:

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