AO: Stoneclad at Sequoyah Park AO

When: 05/17/2018

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Harp, Good Hands, Law Dog

Three amigos responded to the call to take the daily red pill and get stronger.  If you were there you know what went down.  If you weren’t there, YHC hopes you were across the way at the Paragon or down range somewhere taking a DRP and getting stronger and not fartsacking. YHC was told to taper this week because of the Blue Ridge Adventure Race.  Not sure what taper means, but I did play golf this week and crushed the ball driving 2 greens and making an Eagle in a Texas hold’em scramble that left YHC feeling pretty darn good about himself and ready to take on any challengers at the soon to be organized F3 Crack and LawDog semi Annual watch Cookie make a 2 Golf outing. Must be all the F3.  Maybe if Tiger would have found F3 years ago and ditched the sadclown ways, he would already have 18+ majors kicking Jack to number 2.  Time will tell I guess because he is still no respect so plenty of years to get there.  For those wanting to know what we did, YHC will tell you there were no crazy coupons, no big boy sit-ups, no bear crawls, no flutter kicks, no J-los, and not a 0.0 because that was never claimed by YHC only limited running and limited running is what we did. Today was all about body weight blasting the core and doing a variety of exercises that would make Misty proud to show off his abs to the M for summer if he had been there. Harp did find a Pistachio in case you were curious.  Finished with the name-0-rama and COT. On the way out YHC grabbed the Flag because don’t want to lose that but keep it quiet so it can’t be found and avoid having to give myself a Fubar Flag. Don’t know who would do something like that.


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