Every Day I’m Shuffalin’

AO: The Zoo

When: 04/21/2018

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Swiper, Snowden, The Body

YHC was glad to rejoin the Crew at the Zoo on Saturday AM, but seemed to lose track of time and beverage count on Friday night and showed up at 7:02 for a straight shot from the car into the Gloom!  Joined by Zoo anchors The Body and our solid new crew member, Snowden who extended his perfect attendance record yet another week!  Well done!  Here’s how she went…

Mosey down the track to the pavilion area between the baseball fields for warm up’s:


Abe Vigoda’s


Mosey to the Football field (Body and I have declared this to be the finest turf field in the Alpha Region…disagree?  we invite you to join us and see for yourself!).  YHC decided to throw a curve ball at the PAX and pulled out a rainy day go to..The Deck of Death!

Spades: Number cards = mercans; Face cards = Burpees

Clubs: Number cards= lap around the field to the corresponding yard line (3 = 30 yard line lap, 8 = 30 yard line on the long side of the field, etc.) Face cards = Full lap

Diamonds: Number cards = squats, Face Cards = copperhead squats

Hearts: Number cards = LBC’s, Face Cards = Bib Boy sit up’s

After flipping the deck, we headed to the Stairway to Heavin’ for some pain stations:

Top Pax doing Side Straddle Hops

Lower Pax doing Squats

Middleman sprints down, taps lower Pax who sprints up stairs and taps Top shelf Pax, rinse and repeat 3 X through the circuit.

Quick stop by the benches for some alternating Dips, Step Up’s and Incline Mercans and then back to the Flag for Mary:



Reverse LBC’s



Prayers for Sad Clowns to join our ranks

Prayers for families, health

F3 Picnic moved to Sunday, April 29th at Lake Windward


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