I can’t feel my legs

AO: Rubicon

When: 04/17/2018

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Devito, Miller Time, HaHa, Zima, Krueger, Mayham, Turbine, Spandex, Scar, Bayside, Jackelope, Blue Steel, DC2, Cookie

14 PAX took the DRP and hit the gloom on an unseasonably cool morning.  Here is what went down.

-mosey toward the dog track, stopping at the flag for SSH, Windmill & Imperial Walker

-Reverse Indian Run around the track, everyone going twice.  Runners in front calling arm exercises
-head to the wall for a little Balls to Wall challenge – no surprise, Miller Time stays up the longest
-Next comes Lt. Dan across the field and back,  1:4 squat/lunge ratio, PAX achieved 10:40
-Mosey toward the FOD, stop at planters for a quick Mary exercise, LBC
-Head to the FOD, now for the crowd pleaser, Mucho chesto cycle
-merkins at home plate, bear crawl to 1st
-wide merkin at 1st, crab to 2nd
-diamond at 2nd, reverse crab to 3rd
-stagger at 3rd, cheetah crawl home
-opposite stagger at home
-quick 10 count, rinse & repeat
-head toward Grits Pavilion for step ups, extended leg lift & dips
-off to the flag for 5 MOM – Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Dolly & more

YHC yet again honored to lead this group of fine HIM.  We had lots of praise this morning including Blue Steel’s daughter getting married this weekend, Bayside’s rugby team winning state, and Spandex’s 14 year wedding anniversary.  YHC was humbled this morning fumbling and bumbling the disclaimer, something I obviously need more practice on before the next FNG arrives!  Anyhow, I saw lots of mumble chatter online after the beatdown about the PAX not being able to feel their legs after the Lt. Dan exercise, and not being able to feel their arms after the mucho chesto….. so I guess I did something right.  ANNOUNCEMENT:  3 Year anniversary cookout this Sunday, 3:30p, weather permitting.  Details sent on Tweeter and more to come.

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