Big Creek – Ten Solders Burpees are in these hills….and coffee beans

SEVEN PAX (3 short) showed up for a downPAINment this am in the Gloom by the CREEK. Welcome FNG “Big Al” oh we had to change that to Fuzzy! Dipper wasn’t seeing stars but I think he was wondering what that taste in his mouth was? Its Merlo!

Our recent FNG now FNG recruiter DASH made a return appearance. We’re hoping our newest wasn’t just a @flash in the pan. Good work by Clyde after returning from the HOPPY TRAILS. The Body was testing some racing stripes for the KNEE that did not pass the test during 10 trips up the HILL, anyone have some antifog spray for Rueben he was sweating up out there sprinting to the lead. The Body can flat out move in a 40 yard jail break, guess i’ll have to wear him down a bit more before dropping the flag on a jail break.

So you may have noticed a theme developing at BIG CREEK we have had some 40 guys roll through then swallow the blue pill roll over and keep sleeping their lives away. SO YHC has initiated the TEN FOR TUESDAY plan and The TEN for THURSDAY plan to instill in our PAX the need to break the 10 Man barrier. Today we embarked on the first of many 10 pain points. Next Tuesday its 10 Burps to start if no FNGs.

That said we mosey

warm ups with the usual in 10 counts. Seal KLAPPERS, WindMillers, and some Mountain Climbers as we would be heading up the HILL TEN TIMES today.

Down to the ball fields for some deconstructions – Burpees that is 10 count. Then lap around the facility stop 10 LBCs lets head to the HILL to get started.

The Thang

Pick up Coupon head to HILL

LAP la la land once then up the HILL 10 times for 10 sets of:

10 Starjumps

10 Lunges

10 Merkins

10 Big Rock Curls

10 Big Boy SUs

10 Reverse LBC

10 Burpees

10 Peter Parkers

10 Goblet Squats

10 Overhead presses


COT Prayers for marriage, some of pax M with illness, f3 growth.

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