Week 3 – #Ironpax makes the Q’s job easier

AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/21/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Spandex, Tebow, Moonshine, Shrinkage, Yogi, Defcon 2, Pellets, Laces, Brownie, Wingman, Sox, Scar

So I signed up to Q all the August #Ironpax workouts at the Gladiator. Every Sunday night I wait in front of my computer refreshing Twitter and waiting for the next challenge to drop.

So last night was no different, excitement was in the air and boom there it was. Week 3 had dropped.

We needed Cinders, no problem, a whiteboard, again no problem, a turf field, we had one of those at the Gladiator.

So this morning in the gloom I got out early and set up for the challenge. 12 Pax showed up and we had a Defcon 2 and Yogi sighting, Moonshine claimed the Kotter on both.

The Warmup

2 quick laps around the parking lot, circle up for some SSH, Weedpicker’s and Hillbillies.

The Thang

Everyone grabbed a cinder form the back of the car and moseyed over to our turf field. Exercises were demonstrated and explained. Music was queued up and the timer was set for 30 minutes.

There was a lot of mumble chatter and definitely some grunting and groaning but we did it. A 30 minute mix of sweat, pain and 90’s music and we were done.

Quick recover with about 3 minutes left. Just enough time to mosey your cinder back to the carĀ  and get some Mary in –

Flutter kicks, American hammers and Jlo’s took us out.


Prayers for all Men in F3 dealing with personal issues and injury especially DC2 that is dealing with so many struggles right now. Thankful for the strength to be out here each and every day. With so much going on in our lives we need to take these moments at coffeteria and post beat down to check on each other and make sure we encourage and offer help.

SYITG next week for Week 4 #Ironpax


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