The Start of Something Awesome

When: 01/01/2018

QIC: Westside

PAX (): Babyface, Manning, Homeboy, Bloodhound, Dory, Woody, Hombre, Pulte, Playdough, Banjo, TitleMax, Floppy (FNG)

First Beatdown of 2018 and it was a COLD one.

Warm up:

15 SSH

10 Cotton Pickers

15 Imperial Walkers

Mosey around the track for a quick warm-up and then line up on the field at the goal line.


Modified Spartan

On the Football field, the PAX lined up along the goal line for a modified spartan. PAX would sprint to the other goal line and perform 10x Merkins and then walk back to the start. We did this 18x.

100m Competition Run

After a quick 10-count the PAX slow moseyed on the track to the opposite side of the field and lined up in pairs on the 100m mark. The goal was to race your opponent 100m with the loser having to perform 5 burpees. After completion we moseyed back to the flag for some Mary.

Round of Mary’s

PAX lead a 10 rep/4 count exercise in place and then picked another PAX at random for the next exercise.


All the PAX gathered in close to reduce the cold and to name our FNG. After much deliberation we settled on Floppy. Each PAX stated either a new year’s resolution or something that they wanted to work on during the upcoming year. We are especially looking forward to tomorrow’s new AO launch at Sequoyah. See you all there!

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