Burpees, Bombs, and Buddies Back in the Gloom

When: 06/06/17

QIC: Darth Visor

PAX (): Hammer, Chief, Dipper, Gizmo, Rueben, Clyde, 3 missing FNGs

Warm up: So we run, since Hammer dropped by today, we took the long way around the park for running warm ups. Glad to have you back with the fellows. Nice that Gizmo could make it as he found us on the back side of the park. We had 10 HCs included the expected FNGs but alas no FNGs. Missing some regulars…Swiper, Hero, Body see you soon. Dipper mumbled “I thought Darth was Qing where are we running too?” Clyde was recovering from his ½ marathon training and the extra runs up the hill were fun. Dang that Reuben he’s a quick young buck displaying nice speed up and down the hills this AM. Good to see Chief this AM our warpaths have not crossed in many moons.

Circle UP

20 x SSH

15 x arm circles front,

15 x seal claps (jumping jacks with clap in front.)

15 x arm circles rear

20 x Mountain Climbers

Mosey – down to the concession stand for some treats…

The Thang – Burpee Breakdowns

20 x slow squats IC,

20 x leg thrusts,

20 x slow merkins,

20 x leg thrusts,

Run around the stand – Hammer time

THEN put it all together for 20 x burpees OYO.

Mosey to the Entrance to park and LBCs to recover, back to bottom to launch Bombers…

The Other THANG – BOMBS AWAY (partner up one partner commences exercise and other runs to entrance and back.

50 – Burpees

100 – Overhead Presses with rock

150 – Merkins

200 – Big Boy Sit-ups

250 – Squats.

Mary – Just time for a quick swimmer – Hammer time.

COT – Thankfulness, reduced pride, loving our wives, Clyde’s buddies sick child, HS kids at church summer camps, Reuben’s buddy with addiction issues

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