No Merlot

When: 10/18/16

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): Nacho Libre, Do-si-do, Wings, Miller Time, Fondue, Def Con 2, MASH, So So Def, Murdoch, I-Beam, Squid (FNG), Isner (FNG), Foghorn

13 PAX, including 2 FNGS, posted on this Tuesday morning. The PAX also included I-Beam, who moved to Alpha region from Columbia. Hope to see him as a regular. Gave the disclaimer, and off we went..

The Warmup:

What warmup??

The Thang:

Mucho Chesto in parking lot. Welcome to F3, FNGs.

Mosey to top of lot, Lieutenant Dan to 7 squats and 28 lunges.

Now that we’ve blown up our upper and lower bodies.. Mosey to field behind community garden.

Break into 3 lines, 4-5 PAX per line. 4 sprints from North to South, approximately 75 yards. Each PAX starts one second after the man in front, attempts to catch the leader. If man is touched, 5 burpees. Rinse and Repeat 4x.

LBC x 20, Flutter x 15, Dying cockroach x 12

Circle up.

Deconstructed burpee.. 10, 9, 8…

Big Boy Situp x 15, SSH x 15

Mosey to horse park concession stand under pavilion.

Dips x 15, Pure Burn x 15, Dips x 12, Derkin x 8, Dips x 10

Mosey to Rock Creek.

Full curl x 15, rotate 3 rocks
High curl x 15, rotate 2 rocks
Low curl x 15, rotate 1 rock
Press x 20

Mosey to flag for Name-o-Rama and COT.


Prayers of gratitude for new and old PAX!


  • I-Beam joining us from Columbia, now a Roswell resident. Hope to see him back.. strong performance! And he brought an FNG.. Welcome Squid!
  • Miller Time with an FNG.. Welcome Isner!
  • No Merlot from these FNGs, good performances all around.
  • 4 PAX with extra credit pre-15, led by Nacho. Wings, Do-si-do, Nacho, and YHC.
  • Fondue looking for the VQ on the first Tuesday of November. Bring the beating brother.
  • Looking forward to the Norcross launch this Saturday.. Come on out to get Norcross started right.


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