F3 Atlanta/F3 Alpharetta – Convergence 2016

When: 10/1/2016

PAX: Mufasa, BabyFace, Sunshine, Sweeper, Bloodhound, DoSiDo, Foghorn, Simba, Tinman (FNG), Banjo (FNG), Flo, Green Bean, Bibo, Seles, Manhole, Leon, Fireball, Montross, Madoff, ABC, Dr. Dolly, Off Count, OK

QIC: Green Bean, Foghorn, ABC

23 PAX came out for the 2016 convergence beatdown with F3 Atlanta and F3 Alpharetta regions, at the beautiful Riverside Park in Roswell, GA. Ready to push for 90 minutes, beginning in the gloom, as a beatdown should be. We planted the flags, gathered the PAX.. and here’s what happened..

Green Bean with the honor of jumping us off as first Q..

IW’s IC x 15

Low-Slow Squats IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15, hold for:
planks, various

Mosey to field:

SSH IC x 15
Low-Slow Squat IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15
Merkins IC x 5
Squalkers IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15
Low-Slow Squats IC x 15
Merkins IC x 20

Mosey to Wall for:

Wall-jumps OYO x 10
Dips IC x 15
Wall-jumps OYO x 15
Dips IC x 15
Wall-jumps OYO x 15
Dips IC x 9  (QIC was beat!)

Mosey back to field for:

Bear Crawls IC x 15
LBC’s IC x 15
Bear Crawls OYO back to start
Low Dolly IC x 15
Crab Walk back to other side OYO
Mason Twist IC x 15
Obliques IC x 15, flapjack

7:30.. Now that Green Bean has the PAX nice and sweaty.. Pass the Q to Foghorn!

Foghorn introduces the group to an F3 classic.. the Sally. But judging from the groans of joy (pain?), this group is already well aware of the pleasures that Sally can deliver!

Move “Sally up” and move “Sally down” to Squats, then again for the Merkin. #burn

Stretch out those limbs with SSH x 20.

At this point ABC was thinking YHC was diverting from the initial plan for YHC’s Q, which was to travel a bit, but YHC wouldn’t dare push the merkin or squat too much, as YHC has personally experienced the beatdown ABC has and was about to deliver to these unsuspecting men (unsuspecting to Alpha and Dunwoody PAX at least)..

One thing F3 Nation should know about F3 Alpha… we like to travel. Mosey!

The PAX travels .8 miles along the scenic river path to Azalea Park, holding at the Azalea Park pavilion for the six.. and waits.. SSH x 20.. and waits.. Back to Riverside Park, picking up the six (or several sixes) along the way.

8:01.. Foghorn passes the Q to ABC!

The Crowd Pleaser: Travel from one end of grass field to the other, Squats on one end, Merkins on the other. 25-5 ratio. Just for fun.. 5 burpees in the middle of each pass.
This was certainly the crowdpleaser.. Mufasa to YHC’s left voiced his pleasure with the push, in Mufasa fashion.
5x:  upside of a 1-2-3 pyramid with burpees-merkins-squats.
Grass field sprints w/ burpees, squats & merkins.
8:30.. Call it!
Each PAX calling their AO, and two FNGs earned their names today!
Prayers of gratitude to F3’s impact in our lives and others we are allowed to impact. Prayers for Flo’s dad’s health, gratitude for the life lived. Prayers for YHC’s relationship with family.
  • Awesome experience seeing the PAX of other AOs in the ATL area. Really strong group of men. YHC thought it was a great mix of stationary exercises and traveling, endurance and strength.
  • Alpha missing many of our regulars due to weekend travel, etc, but a great representation by those in attendance.
  • Chastain PAX earning extra credit on the wall jumps.. that wall was no less than 4 feet high. #RESPECT
  • Mufasa earning the Co-Q title on this day.. as Def Con 2 was out with another injury, and Mufasa was sure to hold the PAX accountable. “When in doubt, plank it out!”
  • Dr. Dolly.. Sir Dolly.. Mr. Dolly.. ? (You had to be there)
  • ABC and Bibo(?) are original PAX from the original F3 ATL launch years ago.. #RESPECT
  • Sunshine mentioned the 90 minutes was certainly a change from the usual 45.. The body reaches a stopping point, then you’re forced to break through. A nice challenge.
  • Dunwoody bringing the #RESPECTS in force. The old men represent!
  • YHC proud of the growth of Alpha.. easily seen in the line of ShovelFlags, with another soon to be planted on October 22 for Norcross. Also very cool to see the Atlanta and Dunwoody (“Sandy Springs”?) flags standing in line.
  • Some nervousness on the planting of five flags in hard ground.. 13 x 5.. 65 burpees does not sound fun.
  • Speaking of burpees.. Pretty sure we hit the 250 mark on burpees for the morning.
  • Over 6k steps in 90 minutes according to Flo’s step counter.. wow.
  • Simba bringing his brother and dad to the party, both FNGs, and both excited to now find the PAX in their areas. Represented well as FNGs through a tough 90 minutes.
  • Hoping to see more PAX out next year!
Till next year! – Foghorn

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  1. Excellent recap Foghorn. Looking forward to next year and hopefully coming up to Norcross at some point.



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