Sun Gods, BlackJack, and Fireman Carries Oh My!

AO: The Gladiator

When: 11/8/2018

QIC: Kegger

PAX (): DefCon2, Sox, Spandex, Viking, Moonshine, Floppy, FNG (Skid), Shank, Shrinkage, Pellets, Delicious, Scar, Stroller, and Trebek

YHC informed the Gladiator via Slack the night before that gloves and grit were needed for today’s BD. He also told Spandex and Scar to bring Cinders, but Scar pretended to forget in a moment of potential VQ sabotage but YHC was not phased in the slightest. A full disclaimer was had for my FNG neighbor as well as for much welcomed back FNGs from Tuesday Floppy and Shank.

We are off on a short mosey to the spray ground parking lot. Three PAX were late today; 2 arrived after the SSHs but the greatest F3 experience witnessed to date was Viking jogging up late, Girlfriend (Cinder) in hand while all other PAX left Girlfriends at the flag.


SSHs x 15

Weed Pickers x 15

SunGods x 10 small backward x 15 big backward x 15 small forward x 20 big forward (arms not lowered until the end to make for a true SunGod offering)

We mosey…to the upper parking lot where our beloved Pavilion is located.

The Thang #1

Blackjack or 21s

1 Merkin run across parking lot for 20 Big Boy Sit Ups run back

2 Merkins run 19 BBSUs

Etc until

20 merkins run 1 BBSU

YHC had seen this done before at #TheWreck but wasn’t sure if The Gladiator could handle it. The music was live and so was the Thang.  I have to admit in the middle of my 5th BBSU my beer gut was overcome with terrible cramps and I had to modify to LBCs until the 9th round when the cramp subsided. Much mumble chatter ensued ½ way through but we powered on as the sweet mix of rap and rock kept the PAX focused.  Much encouragement was sent out to the FNG gasping for breath.  When we were almost finished a car drove by, honked, shouted at the PAX, and drove off.  We believe it to be Tebow, fart sacking his way to work early. Thanks for the support as if this VQ wasn’t hard enough already. Al Gore for the six.

We mosey back to the flag, partner up, and luckily only one partner had to carry the few Girlfriends we did have to the Soccer field.

The Thang #2

25 Burpees, 50 Monkey Humpers, 100 Air Squats, and Partner Fireman Carry

Partner 1 starts 25 Burpees

Partner 2 fireman carries GF to 1st lantern (About 30 yards) sprints back

Partner 2 continues Burpees and into MHs

Partner 1 sprints to GF and carries to next lantern (Another 30 yards) sprints back

Mumble chatter ensued again when PAX and YHC realized the Burpees hurt after 210 pushups lol.

PAX alternate until all GFs are back home and workout is complete.


Mt Climbers

SpiderMan Web Yoga Something (Thanks Sox)

Nolan Ryan’s


  • Welcome FNG “Skid”
  • Prayers for quick recovery, Puddle Jumper’s wife and new baby girl
  • 7 for coffeteria thanks Spandex
  • 2ndF tonight at LoyalQ on Old Milton

Kegger Out

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