Singing Optional

When: 12/17/2016

QIC: Tom Jones and Miller Time

PAX (): Cookie, Crack, Isner, Boomer, Trojan, Mufasa, Foghorn, Do-si-do, Flo

A motivated group of 11 showed this AM for a 40 degree Widow Maker beat down.  Of course a VQ seems to also lend itself to better participation.  I’m not sure if it’s for support or the car crash phenomenon OR both but today was Tom Jones VQ time.

Warm UP
Mosey thru the baseball fields portion of the park to a parking lot area where TJ got some trial by fire instruction from the group on how to lead a group in cadence.
* Imperial Walkers
* Windmills & a few more I can’t recall

The Thang:
Indian run (TJ gave the pax solid directions on how this thing works) around the outer loop of the park back to the flag and out to the lower soccer field.
Apologies on not having the exact details of this next portion of the program but it went something like this….A timed event where two exercises were selected, each exercise performed for 20 or 30 seconds with 5 second rest between – each pair of exercises being cycled 5 times
Burpees, Merkins
Fast Sprint (half field down and back), LBC’s
Wide Merkins, Something else
Dips and Squat Jumps
(Lot’s of singing of a multi chorus Santa song during this segment – see Crack for lyrics)

At this point YHC took over for 30 minutes.
Partner up for Four Corners (of the kicky ball field).  15 Perkins (partner A planks while Partner B places feet on partner A’s back and does 15 Merkins).  Rotate at every corner, two laps – 60 perkins per man.
Meet at the center of the field and circle up for Ring of Fire time.
The pax holds six inches while each man takes a turn at a 4 count Flutter x 5
Flip over and plank while each man does 5 proper Merkins
Completed this cycle twice.

Next we lined up on the end of the field and grabbed a partner.  Each partner did 25 squats and then partner A “partner carried” B to midfield, switch and back to the end for 20 squats, Continue repeating until 5 squats.

Mosey to the Flag for Ring Around the Mary

* Prayers for Flo’s wife Liz on her trip to St Josephs for surgery this coming week
* Crack asked all to take time to remember our Veterans on this day when their Grave’s will be visited for special recognition of their service.

* Kudos to Tom Jones on his preparation and effort with his VQ – YHC noticed some Mufasa like verbal authority in his voice!
* VQ’s on a Saturday not a bad idea so you can actually see your Winky in daylight!
* Trojan back for a second beat down and self improvement
* Isner on his first Saturday beat down – keep it up.  Q training very soon
* Be thinking of FNG’s you can EH for a New Year’s Widow Maker beat down – Great time to do this with vacation and New Year’s resolutions.  See Crack for all important details and repercussions of poor recruitment.

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