That’s when people like us have gotta forge ahead, Helen. Am I right? “Tommy Boy”

When: 10/3/2016

PAX: Chipper, Matador, Tom Jones, Tightrope, Boomer, Flo, Foghorn, Simba, Sneakers, Sunshine, Mr. Drummond, Squirrel, Stubing, Shawshank, Dab, McCracken

QIC: Callahan

17 STRONG for A VQ that would even make Big Tom Callahan proud!!  (Editor’s note: Flo)

Mosey around the lot.  High knees, butt kickers, slide left, slide right, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…you get the point.  Circle up for a quick dose of SSH, Imperial Walkers and Cotton Pickers. 

The thang…

Mosey to the church.  Commence Indian Run to the track and the chatter began…Indian Runs with 17 people??  Madness I say, but we’re stronger for it. 

Attempt to find the stairs at the track in the dark and find a comfy area for 20 dips, 10 box jumps/step ups, and 10 incline push ups to get the blood pumping.

Partner up on the track.  As one partner runs a lap, the other partner starts the first workout. Alternate once the runner makes the lap.  The party was as follows:

50 Maktar N’Diayes

100 Overhead Claps

150 Alternating Shoulder Touches

200 Squats

Mosey back through the parking lot where QIC learned how to look at a watch.  Need more exercises to fill time!  Flo really wanted to do some Clock Merkins, and who am I to fight a guy in a Superman t-shirt?  Ten Merkins each round, rotating after each set of ten.

Mosey to Hurricanes where we met Lieutenant Dan and two Irontribe guys that were immediately recruited.  They said something about liking to pay for workouts, so we kept moving. 

Sprint back to the flag.  Mary of LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Rosalita, Freddie Mercury, Reverse LBCs, Dying Cockroaches.

Welcome Tom Jones to the crew.  For an FNG, he made it look easy!!  Great work to all…see you in the gloom!


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