20 20 20

AO: 2nd F

When: 2024-04-18

QIC: Other

PAX (16): Other


We started with a nice mosey and a shuffle



Side shuffle

Side shuffle

Circle up

Side straddle hop

Weed picker


Michael Phelps

Hill billies

Tempo Merkin 3 count down 1 up

Monkey humpers

The Thang:

Mozy to field

First round

20 air squats then run to mid field

20 burpees then run to end of field

20 big boy sit ups run to mid field

20 merkins run home

Flutter kicks for the six

Second round

Same thing as before but zombie(lunge) walk instead of running

Mountain climbers for the 6

Third round

Same thing as before- sub all mtn climbers - but bear crawl instead of lunge walk

  mosey to road and find a curb

Wheel of merkin

Curb in road

5 each side

20 monkey jumpers

50 air squats

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