TO’s 2X Respect BD Beatdown

AO: Hoppylike

When: 2024-04-05


PAX (5): Avis, Credit Check, Ha-ha, Tumbleweed


A perfect crisp April Morning was gifted to YHC to bring in a double Respect BD. Lucky to have four other awesome HIMs post for a little running and to help celebrate the big 6-0.  Good to have Tumbleweed and Ha-Ha there to show a little Double Respect support.


No warm up.  Just go run.

The Thang:

We ran.  Some ran really fast.  Some didn't.  Some slowed down from their normal pace to run with YHC, which was cool. Headed west out of Avalon, up to Thompson Road.  Up behind city hall and down academy, up Main Street.  Keep going if you're fast enough, otherwise, cut down Church street, take a left at the end and head back down past Pure, hitting the highest point of Alpharetta while doing so (thanks for that nugget of info Ha-Ha) and then go left on Old Milton.  Go right on Haynes Bridge and make sure you don't fall in the 8' deep tiger pit with a chain link fence over it.  Hang a louie on Northwinds Parkway and run up that long flipping hill till you get to Avalon and go back to Hoppy Like.  Nobody got hurt, all finished and Tumbleweed went and got some more.


Great to hear Ha Ha's dad is doing well.  Prayers for all the PAX downrange heading home over the weekend for safe travels.

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