80’s AMRAP

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/23/2019

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Double D, Divot, Rusty, Crab Legs, Sprocket, Turbine, Raider, Bronco, Foley, Rooney, Doogie, Squeegee, Aflac, I-Beam, Bieber, Switch, Teepee, Swamp Donkey, Virginia Slim, GOAT, Bear, Squeak

Thrilled not to be Q’ing on the coldest morning of the week, but regardless the weather hasn’t been keeping the PAX numbers down. And today was no different. Counting the PAX as they rolled in I knew we were quickly reaching the limit of our cinder stash. At 0530 we moseyed…East Bound and Down, or around the dark side of the park to the elementary school lot for some quick warmups:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Mountain Climbers: (x 12)

From there we moseyed over to the football field parking lot where the Sweat Wagon waited with what’s left of our cinders. Luckily we had enough for everyone (some using the minis).


AMRAP: As many reps with cinders as possible in two minutes, with a :30 break in between. All to the musical styling of some of the greatest sports (or not) movies of the 80’s.

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: Curls

Round 3: Big Boy Sit Ups

Round 4: Thrusters (this one seemed to quiet the mumble chatter)

Round 5: Flutters (best video opp ever – grown men kicking their legs to Flashdance – where’s the drone when we need it?)

Round 6: Burpees (no cinder; exception AFLAC)

Then we paired up on either side of the double parking spaces. Bear crawl over to partners cinder and conduct 10 reps of Dips, crab walk back to other cinder and repeat until each PAX completes total 50 reps. Then repeato with Overhead Presses and then Kettle Bell Swings. PAX planked and/or bent over rows for the six. Loaded the cinders back in the wagon and moseyed for the flag. Arriving in time for one round of Dying Cockroaches.


Crazy Love, Hogwallow, the usual, etc.

Prayers: Slim’s ex-wife’s family suffering double tragedies. Both parents hospitalized  due to different situations.

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