Who Needs Cyber Monday When There is FREE Workout Tuesday?!

AO: The Gladiator

When: 11/27/2018

QIC: Viking

PAX (): Stroller, Grasshopper, Postal (RESPECT), Moonshine, Shrinkage, Skid, Floppy, Manchester, Tebow, Scar, Defcon2, Mufasa (RESPECT), Spandex (RESPECT)

Who Needs Cyber Monday When There is FREE Workout Tuesday?!

And yes, Free Workout Tuesday is EVERY TUESDAY! No need to wait for this to happen once a year! In fact, it is on THURSDAY as well! All of this Black Friday/Cyber Monday hoopla made YHC thankful for 5.5 months of The FREE Gladiator. We have come a long way since June 19, 2018, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the coming months strengthen the East Roswell PAX.

Onto the BB….

YHC threw out some crumbs late last night to the PAX on Slack and Facebook (yes, we have a Facebook Group too), hinting that the Viking helmet may show up. Hoping that it might draw a few hecklers (or was I trying to scare some away?!), it seemed to work as there was much mumble chatter all morning. However, it can be argued that the PAX quickly found out that mumbling was one way to take the mind off the sub-freezing temps.

YHC showed up around 4:55 to take a warmup mosey to THE Field of Dreams (move aside Rubicon). Viking took mental note of a few spots to avoid (slippery muddy sidewalk) and a few spots to NOT avoid (sandy ball diamond for DC2 to roll around in). The Gladiator PAX haven’t used much of the space on the ball diamonds yet, so YHC wanted to purposefully spend some time over here today.

Running back to the flag to await the other PAX, Viking spotted a Mufasa-type creature jump out of an SUV and sprint off into the wild for its own pre-BD warmup mosey. Could it be The Legend?! Were we about to be graced by an F3 HOF’er?!

5:12 – Yes indeed, Mufasa The Legend came out of the gloom and was welcomed by an adoring crowd. Spirits were high for the moment, but YHC knew the mood could “cool” down very quickly on a morning like this. “Must keep everyone engaged…” YHC thought.

5:15 – Viking’s hands were already freezing, despite the gloves. Spandex  swore that he saw Tebow pull into the park entrance, pull a few donuts in the first parking lot, then exit the park. YHC figured that Tebow forgot that today was a Viking BD until he pulled into the parking lot, got scared and ran back for his warm blanky and hot cocoa. But we’ll get back to the Tebow Story later…

YHC was the only one in shorts today, which pleasured Scar to mention. Although Sox was not there to witness, The Viking Helmet was slithered on top of YHC’s head (over the camo ski mask), a disclosure was stated, goals were given (stay warm everyone-get ready for a long warmup-don’t pull muscles on my watch, etc.) and the PAX began to mosey.

As we took off for THE Field of Dreams, Moonshine came screeching in on two wheels. The PAX circled the parking lot to pick him back up, and off again to THE Field of Dreams.

The PAX seemed to enjoy the new mosey route around the backside of the baseball diamonds. So was YHC, until one of his running strides landed on the edge of the sidewalk and his ankle twisted. 17 hours later, it is still sore, but you can’t win them all. One of the benefits of a 30 degree workout is that you can’t feel anything anyways, and you can’t give up 2 minutes in when you are the Q.


We began our warm-up at the baseball pavilions. SSH, some other things, when all of a sudden we saw Tebow once again come flying into the front entrance doing donuts the whole way. Figuring that Tebow may just sit in his SUV and drink hot cocoa while enjoying heated seats, and not wanting Tebow to miss out on the brotherhood of the cold gloom, YHC scrapped The Warmup plans and led the PAX back to the main parking lot to pick up Tebow.


The Family Reunion ended quickly, as YHC had the PAX doing Weedpickers, Hillbilly’s, and the Frolicking Hillbilly (made that one up).

We moseyed back to THE Field of Dream pavilion for a few rounds of step-ups, dips, and merkins. After about 15 minutes of mosey and warmup, YHC believed the PAX’s muscles were rubberized enough for THE THANG.


We moseyed onto THE Field of Dreams for a little 4 corners, bases-style. There was MUCH mumble chatter during THE THANG from Co-Q DC2, as YHC had inadvertently (or intentionally?!) planned the home base exercises to involve laying down in the sand. This was much to the dislike of DC2. The PAX were allowed to do the 1st-3rd base exercises on the grass, but there was no grass to be found at home base… DC2 led a mutiny and did the Home Base Exercises back at 3rd base.


1st base – 5 burpees. Run all the way around the diamond until you get back to 2nd base.

2nd base – 10 Catalina Wine Mixers. Run all the way around until you get back to 3rd.

3rd base – 15 Carolina Dry Docks. Run all the way around until you get back to home.

Home – 20 Dying Cockroaches.


1st base – 25  Plank Jacks

2nd base – 30 Low Slow Squats

3rd base – 35 Merkins

Home – 40 BBS

5:47 – The PAX moseyed back to the main building, partnered up, and alternated between 20 Donkey Kicks and 20 Freddy Mercuries. Two rounds of this, and then YHC instructed the PAX to line up on the wall for:

The Peoples Chair: Everyone wall-sits while the man on the end does 10 merkins. Everyone takes their turn on the merkins while the other wall-leaning PAX heckle them to avoid acknowledging their own quad pain.

5:56 – Mosey back to the flag for 4 minutes of Mary. Various exercises were called; thanks to those who stepped up and led IC.

6:00 – Recover.


Mufasa thanked the Gladiator PAX for the ongoing encouragement. YHC speaks on behalf of everyone else there this morning: it was GREAT having you Mufasa!

Spandex mentioned the Facebook/Slack post he put out there about an opportunity for our AO to support No Longer Bound. We are trying to put together a Transition Kit to donate to one of the men. Checkout Slack for updates on this fundraiser RE what items to donate! Please rally around this!

Viking mentioned the Men’s Steakout at Lebanon Baptist Church (Crabapple Rd, Roswell) this Friday night from 6:30-8:30. Bring your teen 2.0. Steak dinner for $8. Various competitions and Bible devotion at the end.  See more details on the link Viking posted on Slack & Facebook. Reach out to Viking if you have questions.

Praises to see Manchester! Continued prayers for his back to heal!


Always a pleasure to lead you men! Keep up the hard work!

Viking Out

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