Galaxy’s first rain, and a new take on 4-corners

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/25/2018

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Wide Right, Percy, Blue, Yahtzee, Secret, Sparky

YHC fell asleep last night thinking through the beat down, and somehow didn’t finish the plan. So when the alarm clock went off there was work to do.

Rain was greeting us as we pulled in, and a small core of PAX were in the lot waiting.

05:30 hits and we warm up.
SSH x 20
Weed Picker x 15
Hillbilly x 15


Mosey 3 laps (approx 1 mile) on the lower park path. As the leading PAX finished the 3rd lap we started a backwards jog to meet the six head on. This 3 lap stretch gave YHC the time necessary to create a special BD plan.

4 Corners – stairs up between 1 & 2, stairs down between 3&4
Corner 1 = Burpees x 10
Corner 2 = Merkins x 20
Corner 3 = Sumo Squat x 30
Corner 4 = Mountain Climber(2 ct.) x 40
Rinse and Repeat for 3 total rounds finishing with Air Chair for the six

Next we moseyed a short distance and YHC had a lightbulb moment – triggered by a mumble from @Percy. Thinking back to a Q from the good ole days at The Wreck, we landed on the soggy meadow for a round of Jack Webbs – Thor style.

1 BBS to 4 (2 ct.) American Hammers all the way to 10 BBS to 40 AH.
After a short counting difficulty by YHC, we got into a rhythm and the glorious grunts of core work started to flow.

Mosey back to the flag for a 5 minute round of Mary
– Flutter Kicks
– Freddie Mercury
– Dying Cockroach
– ABCs (of which we made it to K)

Prayers for those traveling – Turbine & Cha-ching currently with Blue and Percy having plans in the very near future.

Be ready for a Grease Monkey Q on Thursday

As always – a pleasure to lead

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