The flip-flop burpee cheetah missionary workout

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/14/2018

QIC: Scar

PAX (): Spandex, Beauty, Aflac, Bronco, Devito, Cookie, Special K, Pitstop, Zima, Mayhem, Jackalope, Fondue guy, Kruger, Lowes, Circus.

The YHC’s first workout in 2 weeks since injuring my back in a territory fight over at the Widowmaker with a young lion! I did think that in 9 months of F3 workouts I had seen it all but Spandex kicked it up a notch and posted in flip flops, something about shoes left in the garage and socks in his pocket, not sure why.

Warm Up

We moseyed up the road to one of our lit parking lots and circled up for some –



Hill Billy’s

The Thang

A short mosey to another parking lot and we partnered up for some backward run’s while partner did merkin’s. Side shuffle’s while partner did LBC’s. More backward run’s while partner did plank jacks.

By this time the flip flop of Spandex shoes and the near collision with Aflac made me rethink our direction.

So another mosey in the gloom, the mumble chatter started here with talk of visiting the cheetah, no shoes, missionary work and a general slide into the dark side. Chatter was quickly put to rest when 11’s came to town, burpee’s at the bottomĀ  big boy sit ups at the top were introduced on the hill outside FOD’s.

There was time for another round and the Field of dreams looked like a good option for anyone without shoes. Started off by sprinting between the bases, 10 merkins at 1st, 20 lunges at 2nd, 20 windmills at 3rd and 20 burpees at home because Devito asked why we only had 10 initially.

With 4 minutes left a quick bear crawl around all bases and a mosey to the flag brought this beat down to an end.


Spandex thankful for the leadership and fellowship from “The Rubicon” since his first post 9 months ago. We will take this same mindset to our new AO on Tuesday, “The Gladiator” and grow this. Lowes is still collecting Oreo’s for the troops. Coffeteria at Starbucks post workout.


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