And it Burns Burns The (Bear Crawl) Ring of Fire

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/06/2018

QIC: Zima

PAX (): Dc2, Special k, Scar, Moonshine, MillerTime, Jackalope, Devito, Brat, Zima, Spandex

10 PAX showed up this morning for a ring of fire themed intro to the beatdown.  All this talk about the Olympics got me thinking about rings so…

We started with a mosey to the east side parking lot and along the way picked up moonshine for the ride.

SSH, HillBilly Cottonpicker

The Thang
After warmup a Mosey to planters.
First round of exercises:
12 durkins, 12 box jumps 12 dips
Second round:
10 durkins, 10 box jumps 10 dips
Third round:
8 durkins, 10 box jumps 10 dips

Next mosey to the lighted baseball field. PLENTY of mumble chatter about the wet and soggy conditions vs the nice field turf on the other non-lighted field. What, nobody has had their gloves wet and their hands cold before????
Next exercise was a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.

Bear Crawl around the circle till Q said halt.  Once Q said halt round 1 of merkins began while all other PAX held in plank position.  Rep count was 10 merkins each.

Round 2 = Bear Crawl until Q said halt then 10 diamond merkins.  Round 3 and 4 and rinse and repeat with staggered Merkins all while holding plank position in between.

Next, a mosey to the rock pile to pick up a coupon and then over to the hill for a round of 11’s.  10 of Devito’s favorite -Burpees (secretly he wanted a rock-burpee) followed by a run up the hill with your coupon for 1 skull crusher.  Rinse and repeat until you got to 1 burpee and 10 skull crushers.

Finally, an Indian Run to the pavilion for 3 rounds of Step UPS, Dips and Derkins.

MARY – one round of flutter kicks to close us out.

COT: Praise for Moonshine starting a new job.  Prayers per Spandex for a family going through a seperation.







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