Sugar (or sleet) was raining from the sky!

When: 12/27/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Saint2O, Boomer, Cookie

4 tough PAX came on out to the #hooch to defy Cantore…Saint2O was there,  Cookie was kicking it,  Boomer was booming around, and YHC set up an array of fun things for us to do while the sleet fell around us.  Yes around, not on us.  YHC tweaked us cow baby muscle so no running today.  0.0 was the name of the game.

YHC asked the PAX to each grab an impediment of pain from my traveling gym.  We had a medicine ball, a resistance band, and 60lb sandbag, and 25 pound plate.  After warming up under the portico, we each were assigned a station with a different exercise.  AMRAP for 60 seconds, then rotated.  After each PAX had gone around the horn, we all did 60 seconds of burpees.  Multiple rounds were completed with different exercises for each round.

Finished with an abbreviated Mary.


YHC challenged the PAX to find their Daffodils (things they enjoy) and know where they are dolphins (where they are best equipped).  Let’s try and focus on where we have the most impact and don’t be afraid to back of things where we don’t.  We can’t do it all.

Convergence on January 6th.  Be ready to represent Alpha!  Details on Twitter

Challenge yourself by doing the F3-250 this year.

Prayed us out!

–Honored to lead and be humbled.



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