What goes down must come back up

When: 04/22/17

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Boomer, Miller Time, Mufasa, The Dab, Ha-ha, Swiper, Nacho, Crack, FNG - Catfish, Gizmo, Dosido

12 PAX posted to Widowmaker this morning for a sunrise beatdown. A hearty F3 welcome to FNG Catfish. A special shout out to Crack for rocking the skimpiest tank top I’ve seen at a beatdown to date. Easy to mistake for a sports bra … props for making a bold statement.

The Warmup:

Mosey around the parking lot and out onto the soccer field. Circle up for a quick pre-warmup:

SSH OYO while Q gives disclaimer to our FNG

8x slow IC Cottonpicker

10x IC Copperhead squat

I’ve always said plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, so I shamelessly stole this morning’s Warmup from Monday’s Kodiak BB. Thanks Lawdog for the inspiration! Warmup exercise was Jumping Jack Burpee Flash. Line up on one sideline and start with 20 OYO SSH. Run across the field to the far sideline, 10 burpees, run back to the start line and plank for the six. Rinse and repeat two more rounds with 10 SSH to start.

The Thang:

Mosey down the hill to King’s Field. LBCs for the six. Partner up for a DORA. 100 Merkins, 200 big boy sit-ups, 300 squats. While one partner exercises, the other partner runs to the far side of the field and back. Flap jack until complete. Gather in the back for Alphabet til the six.

At this point the reality set in that all who came down the hill must go back up the hill. Mosey to the base of the hill. OYO sprint to the top of the hill as fast as possible. Plank for the six at the top. Slow mosey back down the hill. 20 LBCs IC at the base. Round 2 sprint to the top. Miller Time and Mufasa were the accelerating men for the hill sprints. LBCs at the top for the six. All were pretty smoked at this point so we moved on from the hill.

Next up was a Mucho Chesto trail run back to the top of the parking lot. Stop at each trail intersection, bridge and entry point for a 20 count exercise. Merkins, werkins, diamonds, right hand offset, and left hand offset. Flutter kicks for the six. Mosey down to the soccer field. Line up on the sideline. 4-1 lunges and squats across the field and back. 4 lunges, 1 squat, 8 lunges, 2 squats, and so on across the field and back. Circle up for quick Mary – 20 IC Dolly and 20 IC Rosalita. Got around 3 miles running in total for the beatdown.


– Big welcome to FNG Catfish. Impressive showing on his first beatdown.

– Gizmo shared 2 Timothy 2:3-7 as an inspirational message about living life with the attitude of an athlete, farmer and soldier.

– Praises for health and school acceptances.

– Prayers for health needs and comfort for losses.

– Plug for AlphaRuck at 0600 at Widowmaker pre-beatdown.

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  1. I wore a special shirt for flo and he wasn’t even there. With what I know about Flo-baby, I can assure you no fartsack was involved. Besides, he’s probably seen the custom tank previously. If interested both “new” and gloom-used collectibles can be found on my website staring at $64.24


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