Mercy Mary

When: 03/28/2017

QIC: Bear

PAX (): Cookie, Crack, Miller Time, Nacho Libre, Davito, TO, Fondue, Moonshine, Foghorn

The Thang…

Warmup – SSH / Peter Parker / Plankjacks in cadence x 2

Mosey to wall between the fields before you get to the track.

4 Minutes of Mary – 30 seconds of each of these exercises – LBC, Low flutter, high flutter, low dolly, high dolly, american hammer, oblique left over right, oblique right over left.

11s on wall – Derkins / Dips

4 Minutes of Mary

11s on wall – Stone Mountain Pushups / Incline Merkins

4 Minutes of Mary

Mosey to Playground

Partner up – 4 sets of 10 pullups / partner┬áspot when needed

Mosey to Flag

Nacho and Davito led 2 Mary exercises.

Close it out! Good work men!

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