Tour de Veuve Fabricant

When: 12/31/2016

QIC: Hickory Stick

PAX (): Crack, Gizmo (FNG), Nacho Libre, Babyface, Do Si Do, Cookie, So Great (FNG), Bloodhound, Ha-ha!, Miller Time, Norm (FNG), Defcon 2, Gingivitis, Mufasa, Foghorn, C4 (FNG), The Dab

15 PAX showed….oh wait, 2 more.
17 PAX showed….oh wait, 1 more.
18 PAX showed up for the final beatdown of 2016 at the Widow Maker for the Tour de Veuve Fabricant. With the Yellow Jersey on, YHC lead the PAX counter clockwise around the road around Webb Bridge Park.

First stop at the loop intersection, just past the pedestrian bridge for some warmups where the 15 PAX quickly turned into 18. SSHs, LBCs, Mountain Climbers. No imperial walkers, apparently those are frowned upon.

Continue counter clockwise around the park where the PAX encountered a car on the road. The ONLY car they would encounter on the road the entire loop (that wasn’t late arriving PAX). Car also happened to be an Alpharetta Parks and Rec Truck…

First stop at the maintenance entrance only to the ball fields. 18 PAX was more than YHC thought would be there, so literally onto the ball fields for Part 1 of Ark Loader. Bear crawls, Inchworms, sideways bear crawls, backwards crab walks.

Mosey back to the Tour around web to the large parking field by the playground. Partner up, Dora 1-2-3 with LBCs (100), Freddy Mercury’s (200), Flutters (300).

Mosey back to the Tour to the next parking lot for the first part of Lt. Dan’s (1 through 6 squats, 4 through 24 lunges).

Mosey back to the parking field and grab a rock.

—side bar—
So when planning this out I knew a few things.
1) It was going to be cold so I didn’t want hands on the ground
2) It was dark (for first half) so i wanted people to bring lights if they had them
3) There is not much of a shoulder around the perimeter, and certainly no sidewalk paralleling the main drive. Car/Pedestrian interaction is pretty poor in this park.

If there was one thing I was worried about it was some PAX getting hit by a car, so we went against traffic, I wore bright yellow, and brought a lamp.

What I didn’t realize is that us being in the parking field holding rocks and blocking (temporarily) the parking drive aisle (1 of the 2) would be what would upset the locals.

—end side bar—

So we grabbed a rock for some arm exercises, Curls, shoulder press, bent over rows, Skull crushers. We parted the red sea for Zero Emissions Vehicle #1. Zero Emissions vehicle #2 put it in reverse and went to the first drive aisle. Were the drivers the ones upset? Was it the one that had to wait or the one that put it in reverse? Or was someone really concerned about Dosey and MT in the road at our next stop? (Either way, fast forward to COT, Ha-Ha made a great point about how we should act in the park. In the moment its fun, but let’s be HIMs)

Right on schedule, Lap 1 of a 60 minute workout ends at 7:28. Just realized this is the first time I mentioned Lap 1.

Lap 2.
To the next stop, which was the same as our first stop. Introduce FNGs to Jack Webb. Air gets heavy around 6-24/7-28.

Continue mosey back to the ball field. Part 2 of Arkloader. Bear crawl, sideways crab walks, Panther crawl.

Mosey to the tennis court area (off to the right). Dips, step-ups, derkins.

Mosey to the parking field to finish off Lt. Dans (4 through 10 squats, 28 through 40 lunges).

Swift mosey back to the Virtual Shovel Flag and onto the soccer fields for some Marys.


Welcome to our 4 FNGs. Great job by PAX with the EHs to get them out there.
SO to Mufasa, Foghorn, and Cookie for showing up for the extra 30 minutes early.

Great job everyone ending 2016 on a good note. Ready to grow in 2017!

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