10-4’s for 2

When: 12/27/16

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Darth Visor

It was a beautiful sunny 70 degrees morning for YHC’s VQ.  An excited PAX of 15 awaited by the flag as I pulled into the parking lot eager to learn what pain this new Q could dole out……..DING, DING, DING!  Alarm sounds at 4:50. That’s 10 min. early than a normal F3 day.  I actually pull into the Big Creek Parking lot on this dreary cold Tuesday morning to the one and only Darth Visor where we Share small mumble chatter until 5:30 strikes.  Time to Mosey into the Gloom.


Warm Up:

15 SSH (IC

15 Cotton Pickers (that were actually Cotton Mills, confusion due to the large PAX)

15 Imperial Walkers.


The Thang:

Mosey to the turf soccer field for 10-4’s  (Originally 10’ countdown, but audibled due to time)

Starting at one corner of the field we stopped at 8 stations around the field doing 10 reps of each:


Monkey Humpers


Star Jumps

Mountain Climbers (4 count)



Curtsy Lunges

Rinse and repeat with 9 reps. Then 8, 7, This is where I realized this workout may be a little heavy on the lower body. 6, 5, 4. Audible for time, back to the flag for Mary

Mary:  LBC’s, Freddie Mercury



  • All around good workout with Darth Visor, looking forward to retreading with larger PAX.
  • Prayers for Visor’s daughter while she weighs future plans.
  • Prayers for a happy and save new year

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