A group effort

When: 3/20/17

PAX: Babyface, Banjo, C-4, Cricket, The Mole, Westside,Lawdog, Hombre (FNG),& Misty

QIC: Babyface

Today was all about empowering others.  When I was trying to decided what the beatdown should include I really wanted to work on getting others more involved, and really have other s carry the load of the workout.  My original plan called for some partner workouts, but as seems to always be the case, when you plan for partner work, we ended up with odd numbers.  So I made a slight internal audible with the longest part of the thang, but it all worked out alright, even though addition proved to be more difficult than expected as blood began to move from brain to muscles.  With that here is a rundown of what occur this fine morning at Creekview.

Warm up:

My plan of empowerment included me calling out the first exercise, as a strong example of how to count in cadence, then calling on various PAX to lead a few more.  Apparently I didn’t inform my brain of said plan, because it decided to first show them how NOT to count in cadence, then with the second exercise show them proper technique.

10 each of:

Imperial Walker (Babyface- poor example)

Merkin (Babyface- good example)

SSH (Cricket)

Squat (The Mole)

Cotton Pickers (Misty)

Those may be backwards as to who did what but they they all led counts and did a great job.  Way to follow the Q’s 2nd example.

The Thang:

Moseyed over to the back of the parking lot and made groups of three, with men of similar size (Sort of).  Partner 1 (P1) ran down the row of parking spaces to the end, then began his 10 merkins. Partners 2 & 3 (P2&3) did 5 squats to give P1 a head start. When done P2 carried P3 to the end of the row of parking spaces, where P3 did 10 Merkins, while P2 ran to the end of the next row of spaces to do his merkins.  When P3 finished his Merkins he put P1 on his back and ran to meet P2, and this continued all the way down the parking lot.  We increased the Merkins by 2 at each stop.  The gist is we did a crap ton of Merkins, ran a decent amount, and had to carry our partners a good bit.  We got all the way to 32 or maybe 36 merkins, again math went out the window somewhere in the parking lot.

10 Count recovery

Next we moseyed to the small plot of grass near the tennis courts for a four corner escalator.  Facing the we started with 10 squat jumps, ran straight ahead and did 15 Monkey Humpers, Side shuffled left and did 20 Lunges, Backpedaled and did 25 Squats, then Right Shuffled and did 30 SSH.  We held Air chair for the 6.  5 Count Recovery.  Then Rinse and repeat, backwards. So everything in reverse.

10 Count Recovery.

Mosey indian Run to the front of the school.  

Sprint to the flag

Mary – Gave some more opportunity for different Pax to call some exercises, they may have not had a chance to do so yet, again doing a great job



  • Prayers for C-4 brother.  Seems to be lost and in need of some direction in his life.  C-4 has put on a strong eh for him to join f3 but he has yet to.  Either way C-4 just asks for prayers to help him find his way.
  • Prayers for naty lite (the man not the drink) who tweeted his calf this past Saturday.



  • Great job to all those who lead in the counts today.  The guys are learning the cadence and the terminology really well.
  • Great job by Lawdog & C-4 for carrying Westside today.
  • Remember March is FNG month, so if you haven’t brought anyone yet, there is still time to make it before you are doomed to 50 Burpees.  
  • Along the same track, we may rename FNG month to C-4 month.  Dude is killing it with the FNGs, brought another today.
    Lastly the CSAUP spartan race last weekend was great.  Would love to get some more guys out for the next leg of the trifecta (The Spartan Super 10/21 at Lake Lanier), or if we would like to get a group to go to one in a nearby location to do another sprint I would be down for that as well.  And no they did not beat us by an hour in a half, it took us an hour and a half to finish.

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