It’s all about form

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-04-18

QIC: Lingonberry

PAX (2): Lingonberry, Tumbleweed


Focus on form over reps. Working the core like never before. Flexibility, mobility, range of motion, balance and coordination.


Mosey around parking lot
  • Weed pickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Arm circles, small->large, forward & reverse

The Thang:

Most exercises performed with 8 reps, or 8 per side. Completed 2 rounds, walking active recovery to other end of parking lot and back at the end of the first round.
  • Bear crawl, 5 parking spots over and back
  • I's (prone position, arms in front of head, palms facing each other, raise arms up and down)
  • Swimmers (prone position, diagonal limbs raised together, both diagonals count as 1 rep)
  • Mountain climbers, stop/hold knee at top
  • Hip-ups (Side plank position, drop the hip to the ground and bring back up, 8 on each side)
  • T's (prone position, arms perpendicular to body, palms facing the ground, raise arms up and squeeze shoulders together)
  • Crab walk, 4 parking spots over and back
  • Mountain climbers, variation 2, foot on the outside all the way past hand, 5 reps, hold the 5th, pulse opposite knee 5 times, 5 more reps, hold the 10th and open opposite arm to the sky, swap and do the other side
  • Superman
  • Iron Cross (On your back, arms perpendicular for stability, legs straight up, legs drop to the left, bring back to center, drop to right, back to center = 1 rep)
  • Austin Ass-kickers
  • Dragon walk/Spiderman crawl, 2 parking spots over and back
  • Cataline Wine Mixer without merkin (Moving from high to low, and back to high plank position, alternate leading arm)
  • Y's (prone position, arms in front of head at 2/10pm, palms facing each other, raise arms up and bring back down)
  • Carolina Dry Docks, starting in plank position, transition to downward dog, perform dry dock and transition back to plank position
  • Crab Cakes
  • J-Lo?, low plank position, dip hips to each side for 1 rep.

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