Pick Your Passion

AO: School Of Rock

When: 2024-05-01

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (5): Dipstick, HotSauce, lumbergh, Shazam


No Chatter on the SOR channel all day (Tuesday) so YHC grabbed the Q late in the afternoon. Some good #HIM stepped up pretty quickly and HC'd so 5 total pax would take part in a little Pick Your Passion!   Today would be a true 0.34 workout!


Imp. Walkers, Weed Pickers, Merkins, Sun Gods, Covids and Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:

Rep count: 25-20-15 with Mary/Core work in between each.
  • OH Press or Bent Over Rows
  • Gore Curls or Skull Crushers
  • Goblet Squats or Bonnie Blairs
  • American Hammers or Big Boy w/OH Press (both single count)
Plank/Merkins/Shoulder Taps/Plank/Merkins/Shoulder Taps
Reps: 25-20-15 with Mary/Core work in between each.
  • Front Raises or Chest Presses
  • Swings or V Chops (single count)
  • Lunges (single) or Dead Lift
  • Blockees or Thrusters (reps 10-5)
Time up just after all pax finished their last 5 reps!!!


  • Prayers for the loss of one of Hot Sauce's co-workers (Marissa) who leaves behind 3 children and husband.
  • Prayers for Shazam's uncle Stan. Spending (or spent) quality time in FL with family.
  • Spring Convergence this Saturday at Nirvana!!!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This morning it took a few reps to wake the pax up. Lumbergh seemed to be a little hungover from SMR. Shazam may or may not have almost dislocated his shoulder on some Sledge Hammers. Hot Sauce was still asleep until around 5:50 am when he was called on for his first Mary exercise. Dipstick was pretty spry although word is he ONLY ran like 12-15 miles at SMR.    

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