Time for a Change

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/15/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (7): Ace Ventura, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot, Stu, toadstool


The logistics of today had been a few weeks in the making, but Today was the day it all lined up and the first hand off of the shovel flag, to set the new site Q was done. Sir Mixalot had stepped up to be the HIM that would take the lead, and with that and the fact we setup a coQ event it was all set/ready to go.

Shovelflag was planted, Pre-ruck was made up of SirMixalot, Seamen, Ace Ventura, toadstool, and myself, the pace was good and part of it worked out to be SirMixalot and me finalizing the BD and me taking a bit of sadistic pleasure in what was to come, 110 burpees and 100 BBSUs, bit more on that later.

Once back at the AO we noted that Janeway was there and a very pleasant surprise to see Stu there to be a part of the events of the gloom. With that and a few minutes to prep the main event was begun.



This was a CoQ and I had the honor of taking the first round.

Took a bit of a longer mosey, to throw the PAX off but ended up at the normal spot.

Disclaimer given and warmup was begun

Copperhead squats

Copperhead merkins


Weed pickers



Fall convergence on October 29th

Dadurday is set for next Saturday but we may need to find another place to met dur moonshine festival.


It was then time to hand the shovelflag off to SirMixalot, I shared how honored and excited I had been to lead and how thankful I am to have met men like Janeway, SirMixalot, and others, Toadstool too.  I then stated how I could not have found a better HIM to take the shovel flag than SirMixalot and I know that with him taking the lead this AO will reach new heights. We then completed the flag hand off, with that it was time for the pic and Java

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeetria was great, and we discussed many things including the CSAUP event to Curahee that, we want to do in November, possibly.  And thoughts on Thanksgiving BD. After that I had to head out, leaving seamen, toadstool and SirMixalot to continue all the worlds problems.


I am so thankful for the opportunity to lead and the reality of all that F3 has helped me accomplish. I had never led anything other than my family and F3 gave me the freedom, along with a push from mean like Reuben, Skynard, Krystal and others to lead, not one but two AOs, what the future holds only the skyQ knows, but with F3/HIM helping me lead, learn and grow the future looks bright.

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