Grip-strength Anyone?

AO: The Playground

When: 06/13/2018

QIC: dosido

PAX (): mickey, coach, toto, the mole, chitwood, title 9, dandy

The fartsack is calling, tonight’s BB will be short and sweet. YHC had a tough day & night with the old back issue rearing its ugly head again. Thank you to the mole for staying in touch throughout the day, and having my “back” with a plan B if it were needed. Luckily it was not needed, and I cautiously arrived to find 7 others ready for a battle; here’s the official unofficial record of what we did.

Mosey a great distance (by playground standards) allll the wayyyy down to the actual entrance sign!! Once we finally arrived there, we performed 15IC Imp Walkers
Mosey half way back towards the far away place we started from, perform 15IC SSH
Mosey the rest of the way back to the flag & perform 15IC plank jacks. phew!! that was a ton of running…

Warmup continued\
Grab a block and make a circle for a ring of fire, incline merkin style. Hold plank while around the horn, in turn, we all performed 10 merkins on the blocks, repeato, this time performing 5 merkins

The Thing\

Take your block, plus an extra if you’re willing and able, which we all were, so everyone took two over to the playground for the following suck-fest:

Partner up to share 50 pull-ups // 100 burpees // 100 ground to overheads wBlock // 200 block curls
PAX 1 starts the reps
PAX 2 must farmer carry two cinder blocks around the outer perimeter of the playground then tag-in on the reps where 1 left off.

Continue this forearm killer until all reps completed, which took us right up to the 6:15 alarm.

Simple? yes. Effective? i guess so, my forearms currently feel like I’ve had surgery on them…we even had a contest to see who could hold their coffee steady as everyone seemed to be shaking at the end…winner was the mole, he’s an alien I’m sure of it


Coach and his M have lots going on involving foster care for kids. This can be a difficult and trying experience, let’s pray they receive the strength, patience, and wisdom they need to be as effective as possible on this journey.

Prayers for the mole and his M & their extended family in their loss of a loved one

It was nice to meet two new faces YHC has not met yet: coach and mickey, you dudes did great today. You others already know how I feel about you, your effort is 100% every time we do this crazy shit, I love the playground, I love the PAX, I love f3


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