Monday Morning BlackJack

When: 10/09/2017

QIC: Home Boy

PAX (): Pulte, Westside, Whammo, Harp, Tinker Bell, Jimbo, Babyface, Legionnaire, Natty Lite, Manning, Dory, Buckeye, Cricket, The Body, Banjo, Swisher, Law Dog, Woody, Hombre, C4, Homeboy

Warm Up

Mosey behind the school

Imperial Walker x 10 – IC

SSH x 10 – IC

Squats (low and slow) x 10 – IC

Hillbillies x 10 – IC

The Thang


20 merkins,  run one lap / 20 carolina dry docks, run one lap / 20 diamond merkins / run one lap. Al Gore till pax finished.

Scout Run to the stadium 


Start at the bottom of the bleachers with 10 dips, run to the top for 10 squats. Rinse and repeat 7 times, going up in increments of ten reps each time (20/20, 30/30, 40/40, etc) Mosey to the center of the football field upon completion.

Four Corners around the track

1st corner – pull ups till failure, 2nd corner – 50 mountain climbers, 3rd corner – 25 merkins, 4th corner – 25 monkey humpers

Mosey to the Flag


  • 10/14 2.0 workout then camp out ‑ Contact Bloodhound
  • 10/18 golf outing at Echelon ‑ Contact Law dog
  • 10/21 Spartan Race ‑ Contact Babyface
  • 11/17-19 Grow Ruck ‑ Contact Babyface ASAP if you want to sign up
  • Welcome back Jimbo!! Good work brother!
  • The Body represented Big Creek this morning. Welcome!
  • Surplus of chatter to the QIC this morning for calling merkins push-ups and for complete disrespect to the flag.
  • Word of encouragement before prayer – Isolation is super dangerous for every man. If you are struggling with something (marital problems, drug/alcohol abuse, porn, affair, pride, pick your poison), seek a man with integrity that you trust and talk about what you are going through. Talking to someone is the first step to diffuse the situation. Bring light to your secrets. Your mind alone is a dangerous place. F3 is an excellent place for community and men you can trust. I speak from personal experience when it comes to isolation. I almost lost everything a few years because I was isolated and making very poor decisions.  If you will be transparent and risk vulnerability, a fellow man will challenge you and help hold you accountable. Woody shared Proverbs 18 with me this morning that speaks to this. Check it out. – Home Boy


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