Deck of Death

When: 07/26/2017

QIC: Bear

PAX (): Double D, Gearhead, 7UP, Crablegs, TP, Tyler (FNG), Trojan Man (Changing to Waffles?), Bird Dog, Michael (FNG), Bronco, Grease Monkey, Brian (FNG), Jackalope, Squeegee, Windex, Sprocket, Mad Dog, Turbine, Booter, Doogie, Chelsea, Thumper, Smackdown, Hat Trick, I-Beam, Bear

26 brave men including 3 FNGs gathered in the gloom for a glorious and traditional beatdown. Welcome Michael (Nomad), Brian (Rose), and Tyler (Minecraft)!

The Thang:

Mosey to the Gridiron turf football field

Quick Warmup: SSH IC, Mtn Climbers IC, Windmill IC

Deck of Death: circle up on the field with a deck of cards in the middle of the circle. Each suite represents an exercise and the number on the card represents how many of that exercise we do. Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 14, Joker = brisk lap around the field. Go around the circle drawing a card off the top until the deck is complete!

  • Hearts = Burpees bc you gotta love burpees
  • Diamonds = Diamond pushups
  • Spades = Squat Jumps
  • Clubs = American Hammer IC

Mosey back to the flag with 2.5 minutes remaining. Finish it off with some Mary. YHC had to bolt so I-Beam closed it out.

I hope it was a great coffeeteria at Crazy Love Coffee!


Several Virgin Qs (VQs) coming up which is awesome! Way to step up guys!

2.0 workout with kids (spouses join with Donuts and Coffee after) scheduled for Saturday August 12th at 7:30AM.

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