52 Reasons

YHC know it would be a challenging day when I was awoken by my youngest daughter “shouting for huey” in the downstairs bathroom.  I took care of her and then grab a deck of cards and went off to The Hooch.  We had 7 post this morning (including YHC).

Here’s what went down:

Mosey around parking lot.

In cadence: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers

Mosey to other side of Twisted Taco

DECK OF DEATH – YHC presented the 52 reasons to workout to moans and groans (Sparty was new to this…so he was likely more apprehensive than others)

  • Hearts = Burpess, Diamonds = Merkins, Clubs = Squats, Spades = LBCs, Jokers = lap around parking lot

Lt. Dan – we made it to 5 squats/20 lunges

One round of 11s – 1x Merkin/10x Makhtar N’Diayes (modified to Plank Jacks)

Mosey back to flag – Mary (only had time for one set of Freddy Mercurys)

COT – Prayers for The Dab parents and daughter ill with stomach bug, prayers for Sneakers work – request for new clients, prayers for our children to connect this weekend with the true meaning of Easter

Moleskin – The Pax wasn’t too sure YHC shuffled the deck…too many clubs and spades in the first half of the deck. For those who like numbers it’s 96 reps for each suit.  Great work gentlemen!

Always an honor leading.


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