Masters Merpee Mile

When: 04/06/17

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Mufasa, Moonshine, Devito, I-Beam, Bear, DC2

7 strong on a breezy & cool Masters Thursday morning of spring break week.  YHC continues to be humbled by this group.  Good to see I-Beam post two in a row at the Rubicon, keep it up brotha!

Mosey over to the pool parking lot – grab a spot on the curb.  Side straddle hop, slow/deep cotton picker & 10 Mike Tysons OYO.

-Merpee Mile.  10 merkins at each cross street, 10 burpees at each speed hump
-Mosey back to the playground area, people’s chair on the wall.
-Partner up for a modified Dora via Balls to Wall.  50 Pull UPs, 100 Swerkins, 150 Squats.

  • While partner is holding balls to the wall, other partner runs to the playground and performs 10 pull ups, then he runs back to relieve partner.  Switch roles each time climbing to 50 total.
  • Next exercise is 20 swerkins each, 100 total.
  • Last is 30 squats each, 150 total.

-Mosey over to the Grits Pavilion for 2 rounds of extended leg lifts & step ups
-head back to the flag, for 2 MOM
-reverse LBC & Dolly (via CoQ)

Prayers for those affected by this week’s violent storms.  And prayers for those traveling back into town from spring break vacation.  Rubicon is still needing a PAX to step up for Tuesday Site Q.  2nd F event coming up next week, TopGolf 6:30p Thursday 13th.  AlphaRuck 06:00 Saturdays at the Widowmaker before the 07:00 beatdown.  5/7 posted at coffeeteria for a little 3rd F.  Very inspirational to hear Mufasa’s testimony.  #HIM

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