The Morning After…

When: 3/31/17

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Crack, Foghorn, Mufasa, Ha-ha

The morning after… The storms last night, the fire that took out I-85 downtown… take your pick! Lots of conversation this morning.

Mufasa regaled us with stories of Ireland and hardware stores with pubs built in.  And pubs that farmers used to take their cows in to have them milked while they had a pint. Good to be back out in the gloom with the big cat.

YHC spun some tales of the Palmetto 200.  Some many F3 and Fia teams there it almost feels like an F3/Fia event.  Good fun with the guys from F3 The Herd in Lexington, SC.

We took off down Academy St. across GA 400, right on Morris, right on Old Milton, left on Westside, right on Haynes Bridge and back up past city hall to Academy and back to Mugs on Milton. Hard work by the PAX this morning as we average 8:36 pace for the 5.11 miles.  (Don’t let the mileage or pace keep you from joining us.  No man left behind!)

COT Praise this morning for work God is doing in PAX lives.


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