T.O. for the Win

When: 3/24/17

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): T.O., Crack, Foghorn

Man, the weather doesn’t get any better than this morning. T.O. originally mentioned he was a 10 minute miler kinda guy, but we ended up with a 9:40 pace, 4.9 miles in 43 minutes. YHC EH’d him at yesterday’s #3rdF after the #Rubicon, and he posted. Crack and YHC were also present. Also passed a small rabbit hanging in the grass. You don’t get to know the route since you weren’t there, but come on out next time and we’ll show you up close and personal.


  • Grateful for T.O.’s approach to some difficult relationships, we could all learn to better manage our feelings and actions in a way that honors our 2.0s, as T.O. has done.


  • Crack swaying on his feet a little.. I think it was the margaritas. No fartsack for that guy tho, posting to support T.O.’s first anticipated #HoppyLike post.
  • YHC felt good out there, might just now be a ‘runner.’ Only took YHC two years to get there…

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