Rage of Cantore

When: 03/18/17

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Banjo, Natty Lite, Law Dog

This was my first Saturday post in about a year and a half and YHC woke up to hear the rain beating against the windows and roof. Thinking to myself “why did I have to take the Q today?” The answer immediately came to me “because why not.” With that I was up and brewing my cup of coffee. Thanks to the new local AO, YHC enjoyed his morning brew in the comfort of my home and not the 25 minute ride I am use to. Left the house at 6:48 and 7 minutes later was glad to see Banjo and Natty Lite decided to defy cantore and post. 7 am sharp it was time for the thang.

Mosey to the back of the school for warm ups with SSH, Imperial Walkers and Cotton Pickers. Then it was time to “Load the Buses.” The bus parking spots have wonderful bright yellow road paint and YHC has been thinking what a great spot to keep track of reps. We started at the parking lot with the big bright 1 and ran to the end with a big bright 23. At 23 – 23 squats and run back to 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the 22 for 22 LBCs and back to the 1 for 1 burpee. Run to the 21 for 21 merkins and back to the 1 for 1 burpee. We worked our way back to the start cycling through these three exercises until we made it back to the 1.

Next we started at the front of the covered walkway and lunge walked back to the start stopping at every post for 4 shoulder taps. Lost count of how many posts there were but somewhere above 10.

On to Dora 1, 2, 3 with 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 American Hammers, and 300 squats. The Pax worked as a team with a run to the end of the bus parking lot and back to switch out on the reps.

Mosey back to the flag stopping along the way for Mary. Freddie Mercury, Rosalitas, flutters and LBCs.


prayers for friend finishing up with radiation

prayers for continued growth of F3


Natty Lite did a great job pushing through today with Banjo leading the way.

Enjoyed getting to Q on a wonderful morning. Anytime you push yourself even when things don’t seem to go your way and obstacles block your path, you can only get stronger.

I also enjoyed Crack’s devotion about F3 this morning at a men’s fellowship breakfast. Crack has encouraged me to read more backblasts as there are amazing and inspiring stories from our F3 brothers. What a great platform to extend the reach to men we call brothers but have never met. There is no way to count how many people are positively influenced by F3 men throughout the Nation. Invite an FNG to post this week, it may just be God working in that man’s life to forever change him when he needs it the most.

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