Frozen Field Work

When: 01/05/17

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): DC2, Nacho Libre, Norm, C4, RG3, Crack, Murdoch, Cookie, Moonshine, So So Def, Babyface, Law Dog, Mufasa

We had a Big Rubicon turnout in the gloom with 14 strong on a beautiful frozen (high 20’s) morning including some long lost brothers and last weeks FNG’s.

What we did….Mosey the long way around the park to reach the rectangular field by the horse park (horse field?).
Warm Up:
SSH, Cotton Pickers, Windmill, Squat

The Thang:
Four corners  – Always traveling facing the same direction (West I believe), side shuffle to corner 1, Forward run, side shuffle and backwards run back to starting point.
First lap corner exercises:
Corner 1 – Mercans x 10
Corner 2 – Wide Mercans  x 10
Corner 3 – Diamonds x 10
Corner 4 – Offset x 10
Second Lap each corner:
corner 1 – Squat x 10
corner 2 – Ballerina squat x 10
corner 3 – Copper head squat x 10
corner 4 – Squat jacks x 10

Repeat two more laps except cheetah run from corner 1 to 2.

Mosey to long parking lot adjacent to brokeback Mountain.  Pax lines up in plank position 1 man per parking line.  First man does 5 mercans and sprints to the end taking an open parking line repeating all the way to the end where there are no more lines.

Mosey back to horse field, partner up for partner carry races one end to the other.  Last team to finish owed 5 burpee’s each man.  Each partner carried twice (4 races).

Mosey back to the flag for some MARY and Q-School practice
Reverse LBC

Prayers for BloodHound’s Mom
Continued Prayer’s for Flo’s wife

Awesome to see Norm, C4 and RG3 come back again – who will be the new face of consistency?
Increased initiative to do more Q school this quarter – especially for those who have been around.
Saturday at the Widow Maker with possibly a few inches of snow?  Don’t miss it; should be fun!! Give yourselves some extra time that morning and drive slow.

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