RAP Stroll

AO: The Wreck

When: 2024-04-22

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (25): aflac, Bear, Blue, Bobber, Catheter, Chowdah, Cliff - Chris Noto, corky, Dangle, defcon2, Donor, Doogie, Foley, Gutterball, Juul, Matt Shields-Norm, Missionary, Moonshine, Mountain Mama, rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Scurvy, Tubbs, Yankee, Veggie


Bring a cinder!  and the fun bags will make another appearance


Circled up around the gazebo for some old fashioned: SSH Toy Soldiers Weedpickers Michael Phelps OYO mountain climbers

The Thang:

Cusack between light poles, with PAX stopping every 2 light poles Two pax had the pleasure of farmer carrying 1 cinder and 1 fun bag between the light poles, and we would swap each time. Every 2 light poles, did the following: 5 rows, 5 single handed rows (each side), 5 "overhanded" rows After a few light poles, ramped up to 10 on each side, then 15. I think we maxed at 20. By the time we passed the usual parking lot by the football fields, Clif had had enough rows, so switched to curls. Same counting with different grips/hands. 5 Curls, 5 single handed curls (each side), 5 "overhand" curls.  After we got around to the main road past Squeegee's circle, we switched to merkins but started with 10 and went up by 5 each time. Once we were closer to the start, switched to thrusters and OHP. 5 at the first light, then increasing by 5. Once at the flag we did some LBCs with cinder, american hammers with the cinder, and flutters with cinder for time.


25 for a Monday cinder BD, great group this morning and timing worked out great. 2nd F Thursday, 7:30 at Proper Hop Prayers for those with races going on and for families during prom season and summer coming up.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always great to be in the gloom with this group. A warning in the parking lot would be nice for that pax who must have had Taco Bell Sunday...

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