The Midol Mile

AO: Academy

When: 2024-04-16

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (5): Cookie, Devito, MillerTime, Turbine


Well, the pre-chatter for this Beatdown devolved rather quickly on Slack.   Suffice it to say, we had a lot of soft commits dealing with lower body injuries, or there-abouts.  For those that fought off the daily (or in some cases monthly) struggles to join us this morning, we had a grand ole time on a fine spring day.



The Thang:

The inaugural Midol Mile! As tribute to all those PAX who could not be with us this morning, we ran around to various spots around town and performed theme appropriate exercises.  Planking at the Yoga studio, WIDE squats at the boutique clothing store (Turbine and his shorty shorts even got some cat-calls by some construction workers), Rosalitas at the chocolate shop, Dips by the fountain, fire-hydrants by the bridal shop.  You guys were missed! For the main event, we moseyed back to the rock pile for a modified BOMBS.  Performed five rounds of each exercise in escalating and de-escalating fashion.  Ran to the flagpole and back between each set. Ended up being a smoke fest on the arms, but everyone hung in there and performed admirably. Moseyed back to the missing flag for 30 seconds of diamond merkins, then our time was up. PSA: the coupon repository has been destroyed.  Either some high schoolers got a hold of them, or they succumbed to the strength of our School of Rock brothers.


Praise that Legos' dad is finally on the mend. Prayers for those that are dealing with various injuries, and for a speedy recovery. Thankful for being able to spend a fine morning in the gloom with you gentlemen.

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