The Ladder

AO: The Hooch

When: 2024-04-10

QIC: McCracken

PAX (24): Other, Utah, Puff Daddy, Sunshine, Pigtails, Credit Check, HIPPA, Angus, Animal, Maguire, Feathers, Boomer, Spackle, Dinghy, Splinter, Scrooge, Half Dozen, Fuzzy Dice, Coat Check, Shrimp, Ballboy, Meatball, Birdie, Humperdinck


The rain held off and we had a great turnout for a rare McCracken Q.


The PAX circled up after the initial disclaimers and did a short warm up consisting of: Windmills, Weed Pickers, Little Baby Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, 10 Merkans OYO and a short Mosey....

The Thang:

The PAX found a ladder beatdown under the pavilion that went like this: Partner workout 1 partner working/ 1 partner a)running b)0:30 plank up/downs Ascend ladder 25 Burpees 50 Big boys 100 Merkans 150 SSH 200 Plankjacks 250 Squats 300 Imperial Walkers 350 Airpress When complete, both partners run 4 laps together Descend ladder if time. Tunes accompanied the beatdown to the theme of ladders, climbing, mountains, and looking up.  No props were given for a fake Miley version of 'The Climb' though there was much discussion over the DMB live version of 'Seek Up'.  Good times had by all.


Halpha Day Q slots open along with prayers for Ballboy's wife, the family of Paul Zummo and the Evans family.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead a great bunch of HIM's.  Enjoyed it fellas.

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