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AO: Windjammer

When: 2024-04-05

QIC: Caroline

PAX (3): Caroline, NRA, Sparkie


A nice 6:30 AM start ending the Spring Break Week.


Windmill, Hill Billy, SSH, Arm Circles, Covids

The Thang:

Ran The Merkin Mile: 25-Plank Jacks, 15-Merkins at each cross street on the way there, 25-Hello Dollys, 15-Merkins on the way back. Prepared some Atl Braves trivia with Home Opener on Friday and quizzed the PAX on the starting lineup. They know their Braves! At the boat launch continued with 20-dips, 20-step ups, two reps and then lunges to the other end of the parking lot. Finished with curls from coupon pile at the lake flag.


Convergence and Halphaday coming up soon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Light numbers but always enjoy getting more conversation with NRA and Sparkie. Good workout guys!

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