Nirvana 1200

AO: Nirvana

When: 2024-03-23

QIC: Tank

PAX (13): Buckshot, Dosido, No-See-Um, Roman, Ron Swanson, Rusty, Shazam, Shortcake, Special K, Sweeper (Matt Haywood), The Real Woody, turkey


1st ever Nirvana 1200.  Annual race to challenge pax in speed, strength and endurance.


Ssh hill billy tumbleweed toy soldier windmill

The Thang:

3 laps around track 100 Freddy mercury alpha 100 Mercans 100 Bobby hurley 10 burpees 2 laps 100 v-ups 100 Carolina dry docks 100 air squats 10 burpees 2 laps 100 gas pumpers 100 hand release mercans 100 lunges 10 burpees 2 laps Block 4 most did not get to, but a few got partially done.  No one made it to the last run portion. 70 flutters kicks alpha 70 diamonds 70 Bonnie blairs 60 burpees 3 laps and a 100 meter sprint


Prayers for Chalupa’s kids, Shazam’s Uncle, Goose, friends who are lost and the NLB crew.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Awesome time of coffee and jokes at Bagel 101

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