It Could Be Worse

AO: Norseman

When: 2024-05-07

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (13): Bottom Bunk, Callahan, Cam's, DeLorean, DirtyMO, Ha-ha, Knight Rider, Matlock, Oshkosh, Plumb Bob, Stu, Untouchable, FNG Tin Foil


This one snuck up on me, but it could always be worse. And so it was.


Disclaimer, lap of big lot.
  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

We moved over to the hill going down to the football field for a round of "5s".  I explained that in life as in our workout today, that it can always be worse.  So I would call on PAX to "make it worse" but substituting a similar exercise that is worse than what I had originally called and we would all do that. So first round of 5s: Merkins at the top of the hill, squats at the bottom Afterwards I called 2 PAX to "Make it worse" so we did Merkins around the clock and jump squats for another round of 5s. Off we moseied to "The Arena" at the North end of the park. Dora 50-100-150, Merkins, Squats, LBC After we finished, 3 PAX were asked to Make It Worse. Round two of 50-100-150 Derkins, Smurfjacks, Big Boy situps. Moseied through the spooky trail to the dark back pavilion for 20 Alpha count Step Ups. After we finished asked a PAX to Make it Worse:  Can-can Step Ups 20 Alpha. Mosied back to the flag for some Mary were more PAX made it worse.  


Welcome to Tin Foil (originally from Reynolds, GA  

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