A Little Weasel Shaker Irony…

AO: The Hooch

When: 2024-03-06

QIC: Scrooge

PAX (12): BallBoy, Boomer, McCracken, Meatball, Pigtails, Popper (Dan Richard), Potter (Matt Rowand), PuffDaddy, Scrooge, Spackle, QuarterRound (FNG), Messi (Don't see him in the list)


When YHC's alarm went off at 4:20, I looked outside and hit snooze...  just wasn't feeling it with the downpour that was going on (not to mention the comment from our local Weasel Shaker about really being soaked for his Q today).  Slept until 4:50am and decided, screw it, I'm getting up and going.  Not gonna sit this one out...  Alas, a little irony happened.  Apparently our slated Q, Zohan, hit snooze one more time than me...  So, I barely managed to show up today and our Q was no where to be seen.  Nothing like a Substi-Q to get your body and brain moving unexpectedly.  While I'd love to give Zohan a whole lot of shit, shit, shit, I'll refrain from too much ;)    


Once we realized the situation, and noting we had an FNG, somewhat fumbled disclaimer was given and we did some basic warmups: Squats Merkins Moroccan Night Clubs Michael Phelps

The Thang:

Since this was a quick thinking Q, I decided to keep things as basic as possible: Dora & 11's Everyone partnered up and we did the following: 100 Merkins 200 Squats 300 LBCs *Since we didn't want to waste the beautiful downpour, 1 partner ran about halfway to Regal while one did the exercises and flap jack.   After that, we picked up the six and moved on to 11's.  Run was to the same location and we did 10 Star Jumps & 1 Plank Jack as we worked through 11s.   After picking up the six, we partnered up again and did three rounds of the following: 1 Pax did BTTW while the other did 10 HRMs. Finally, we circled up for a modified circle burp - went around a few times doing squats and burpees and then finally monkey humpers and burpees. Then a short recovery mosey followed by a little Mary: LBC Reverse LBC and... something else I can't remember.


We circled up for announcements and prayer and YHC forgot to name the FNG - (you would have thought it was my first Q).  Thankfully the PAX reminded me.  Wecome QuarterRound!  

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to spend the morning with the PAX and even thankful for a surprise Q!

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