The Zoo

As Axle Rose would say, “Welcome to the Jungle!” and the new year.  4 soggy souls took a break from sleep and somehow avoided most of the rain this morning.

Warm-o-rama:  SSH, Windmill, Imperial Walker, Stone Mountains, ToySoldier (Sets of 15 & 10)

The thang… THE ZOO

  • Black Snake (ala Cherokee) weaved around DHS to courts.
  • Bear-pees (OYO):  1 burpee + 5 bear crawls to steps; run back; repeat (2 laps)
  • Mosey to “Monkey Bars” at entrance to partner up for 2 sets of 5 pull ups & 10 dips.
  • Mosey around back of school to wall of Mary (IC):  Butterfly Leg raises / flapjack (15), Dolphins (10 superman), DyingCockroach 15, DonkeyKicks 10, Caterpillers (plank+boxjump; 2 rounds)
  • Mosey to flagpole (IC): Crabcakes (15), GatorMerkins (10)
  • Take a lap with Jaguar sprints; mosey back to home lot for OYO set of Copperhead Squats, Crabwalk, SpiderMerkins (LR), Inchworm, Run back.

PAX: SnakeOil/Q, Fireballs, Scout, Fizz

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