Age is not an Excuse

AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/03/2019

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (): Miller Time, Cookie, Zima, Lumberg, Stiffler, Bo Knows, Pit Stop, Waffles, GOAT, Pellets

10 Pax showed up for YHC’s 36th B-day, who were rewarded with mild temps and no rain.  After the last month of dreary conditions, it felt like the best present one could receive at 5:30 in the morning!  Alas, with the idol chatter edging towards the misfortunes of UGA football, it was time to leave our grumblings behind and take out some pent up agression.

The Warm Up

Mosey to the parking lot beside the tennis courts for 15 SSH, 12 Weed Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

-For those PAX who haven’t experienced the pleasure of Devito’s Twisted Surprise on Saturday mornings, I thought we could do a mini version.  At a Mosey pace, we hit various pain stations up and around Burpback Mountain.  All exercises (Star jumps, Carolina Dry Docks, Plank Jacks, Crunchy Frogs, Lunges) were completed with a celebratory spirit and 36 reps.

The Thang II

Next we split into three groups and headed to the playground.  Keeping with the theme, each group did 36 total reps (3 sets of 12) of Pull Ups, V Ups, and Swerkins.

For the second set, we continued our Tour de Wills at the Pavilion and did 36 reps of Step Ups, Gas Pumpers, and Dips.

The Thang III

With time running out, we made our last stop at the Pool Parking lot for some Modified Suicides.  Each section of pavement represented a different exercise, where each PAX would go until they hit the divider then return home.  For the first lap we did Burpee Broad jumps, which YHC once again underestimated.   While I had grand plans that we would make it to all six sections, we were only able to fit in the Burpees, Duck Walks, and Lt. Dans.  Given the sufficient amount of burn only halfway through, this one will be recycled in the future!

Quick mosey back to the flag for Mary (a quick round of LBCs).


-Welcome back everyone from the Holidays! It was a good showing this morning.  Waffles once again lapping the field!

-Speaking of, be on the lookout for a Waffles VQ. Could be setting an F3 Nation record for youngest QIC!

-Reminder to sign up to Q, if you haven’t done so already.  There are several slots open, and it’s the best way to hold yourself accountable as we battle the Gloom.



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