Windward Loop

AO: Hoppy Like

When: 06/08/2018

QIC: Whiz

PAX (): Olaf, Mayhem, Ha-Ha, Clyde, Whiz

5 PAX convened on Milton Ave. to finish the week with a nice run to stretch out the muscles after a week of boot camps.  YHC was awoken early with some stomach trouble but got that taken care of before heading out so should be fine……

HUGE thanks to our Nantan for providing me with several routes to help get me going as QIC.  I felt called to the Windward loop so off we went.

The Route – Cross over Main st to Academy, left on Westside, left on Windward, left on Main, right on Milton back to the flag for about 5.2 miles.  2 PAX took the alternate route by cutting through Cumming st on the way back to Main.

COT – Discussion about the spearhead challenge and deadline to sign-up.  3 of 5 PAX were already registered and the others were encouraged to join in what’s surely to be a challenging but fun summer.

Moleskin – YHC felt great until about halfway into the run when my stomach issues came back with a vengeance.  I’ve heard about things like this happening on runs but never experienced it myself.  After trying to push through for a couple miles it became apparent that I needed to seriously consider a contingency plan.  After deciding to put my ego and pride in check and share my predicament, Ha-Ha mentioned some porta-john’s out in front of his church up ahead just as I noticed a gas station in the distance.  Gas station was a bust so I went with plan-b and then rushed back to the flag with a new spring in my step.

I’m a firm believer that the Lord looks out for us on small daily things just as much as on big life impacting things and this felt like one of those times.  Any other route and I would have been in a much worse situation.  Any situation that forces me to humble myself is also beneficial even if it’s painful and embarrassing.  We should always remember He is with us through every moment of our lives to bless, guide, push, and teach us and we can often recognize signs of His loving presence if we make an effort to look up instead of in.


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