Manning VQ

When: 10/25/2017

QIC: Manning

PAX (): The Mole, Misty, Hasbro, Law Dog, DD, Legionnaire, Baby face, Bloodhound, Homeboy, Dory, Wham-O, C4, Cricket, Natty Lite, Banjo, Harp

17 braved the Boston-like weather this morning in the gloom
The Thang (aka “Brah” aka Bro’s and BOH’s)
Mosey to the parking lot – where it was too cold for even those annoying finches to get out of their fart sacks
15 SSH
12 Windmills
20 Hillbillies
?? Arm circle things
Introduction to BOH (ball of hate) and his evil and heavier younger brother: mini-BOH. Indian run to the Creekland parking lot passing BOH to and fro.
OYO – shuffle and/or karaoke 🎤 around the big boy circle, stopping and dropping at each of the six light poles for a quick burpee. 1 lap, rinse and repeat for second lap.
Alpha pack/early finishers down for 100 LBC’s, and into plank ‘til the rest of the pax comes in.
Law Dog 10 count as only he can do.
Grab BOH’s and mosey to the lower 40. Attempt to distract Law dog’s yapping with the BOH proves unsuccessful.
Partner up and follow the clearly laid out math instructions for TB12’s. Additional chatter and yapping re: 23-7’s, 28-3’s, and a shot or two regarding the ideal gas law and deflated balls.  Don’t poke the kodiak.
Sprint across the field for 12 patty-cake (aka bro-merkins) merkins. Sprint back for 1 squat-jump. Back and forth until sufficiently gassed (pun intended).
1 minute recover and hold in an air-chair until the remaining pax finish.
Mosey back to the middle light pole for the C4/Cricket showdown. Chose a side and pull up an air chair to enjoy the fun. Even $$ on Cricket, but too many squat jumps and an extra snooze button spelled doom for those on Team Cricket. Winners enjoy the spoils with 25 big boy sit ups. Losers bro-up again with 10 bro-pees. C4 with the discount double check. Cricket mulls a rematch.
Indian run with the BOH’s back to the flag for CoT.
Law Dog for giving me my VQ opportunity, and for incessantly pestering me throughout the beat down.
Banjo for dragging me through the frozen tundra during 12’s. Or 13’s or, whatever.
C4 and Cricket for accepting the call to action for the mano y mano showdown.
Babyface for the early warmup heckling to properly set the mood.
Legionnaire for getting me silently fired up with his NYY beanie.
Homeboy for the quick thinking coffee run to Mickey D’s – and of course for keeping his shirt on.
The Mole for the way-too-early science lesson on the impacts of 10-12 burpees on the central nervous system. Somewhere Cliff Clavin is slow clapping and nodding in appreciation.
FIA this Saturday @ Veterans Park 8:00am
Expansion discussion Saturday @ Veterans Park 8:00am (immediately following the 7:00am beat down.
Prayers for us to continue sharpening iron, leading our families, and for our friendships.

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